All Games Contain the Idea of Death

All Games contain the Idea of Death
        Everyone loves playing games no matter what age group they are in, playing games has always proved to be way more entertaining than Netflix and Chill and other such programmes. A Gamer is basically a person who plays video games or participates in role playing games, but come on who cares about the bookish definition. One can play different games from various categories, right from Arcade, Adventure to Simulation, First Person Shooter and Parkour etc. Almost a decade ago, we played video games in Arcade Shops and then The Computer emerged with its intensely great graphics and seemingly fast technologies which improved the Gaming Environment. It took a while since the development of Computer and the First Computer Game and the greed for more and good arose as usual which paved the way for game development.         As kid spent my quality time playing video games. I spent nearly 4-5 hours each day without fail just pla…